Top 10 Best Android Games Of 2021

Computer and console games have long reigned supreme as the kings of gaming. But as chips get more powerful and battery capacity continues to rise mobile phones are gaining momentum amongst gamers. The world over we are seeing tons of premium games up the stakes but even free to play games are getting pretty tight too.

Scary Teacher 3D

This one’s spooky adventure game. Where you play the role of a little boy, who’s very upset with his teacher  behavior. So obviously your only mission is to get revenge in this 3d games. You will use different elements in the school for your evil plans to take revenge on this creepy teacher. The game has 10 different levels. Each of which contains a new plot to get the teacher but be careful or the teacher might get you first.

Downhill Extreme 2

If you’re of a certain age young people the phenomenon of long boarding may have completely escaped you. So I will give you a quick little information, it basically involves gliding down a really steep hill on a very long skateboard. And that is exactly what you do in distinctive games. Downhill extreme 2 a game, so simple in concept and execution that. You might be amazed that you haven’t played it yet. You will jump into the shoes of a long border at the top of a hill and you just gotta skate to the bottom using your ios’s devices tilt controls easy peasy.

War After

This is one of the newer fps game on mobile boasting an online multiplayer competitive experience in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game features various weapons to choose from and a team death match mode. It’s kind of got that call of duty modern warfare vibe to it mixed with a healthy. Dose of strike to create a best of both world scenario that offers great graphics and really solid controls the game has all the basics that you want from a good fps quick and responsive controls but controls are not customizable at all and they offer auto fire which is pretty annoying.

Ronin the last samurai

This is a classic style role playing game that depticts ancient Japanese society with beautifully hand drawn lines in the game you play the role of a loyal samurai who takes revenge for a warlord he served who was murdered. You swore an oath to find out who was behind the murder and make them play as well as anyone else who stands in your way the last samurai features an excellent storyline and very impressive lighting effects.


This is a sandbox game for creating and battling mechs. So I think this is an incredible game but it may not appeal to everyone because it is so battle bot focused however. It features many awesome game modes like different pvp arenas battle royale team modes and casual modes that remind me of fall guys and much more all loaded with great graphics. Fans of roblox minecraft or lego might be well suited for this one.

Play Together

Play together is a sandbox game where you can explore a whole new virtual world and live your life in a unique way. You can do various jobs to earn money become richer and more popular in your city. You can customize your character and buy different types of items like a luxury house car or pet. The game features various types of mini games which are very similar to fall guys where you and other players can participate and challenge each other. Overall it’s a great role playing game with enhanced visuals.

Evolution 2 battle for utopia

If you like on rails shooters then evolution 2 battle for utopia will take you to another world. The game’s approach is to keep things pretty simple.  Your control over the character is pretty minimal for the most part you will just be guiding him to dash from cover to cover.  Switch targets through some slick slow motion lenses and unleash your devastating arsenal of rocket launchers and grenades. The enemies come in multiple types which does add a certain level of strategy in the end though things just boil down to hiding behind cover dodging and coming fire and knowing which enemy to take down first. Overall the game has great graphics and interesting cut scenes which keep your interest in the long run.


Tomorrow is probably one of the deepest zombie games on mobile it’s set in a pretty big world where you wake up somehow still alive as a mutant approaches ready to eat your brain. You play as a survivor of the apocalypse. Whose sole objective is to try and forge some kind of existence in this terrible new world. The tutorial teaches you the basics of survival which involves gathering resources, crafting and avoiding or fighting zombies it plays a lot like arc but without the dinosaurs in terms of gameplay tomorrow is very similar to dark day. It’s very polished visually features solid touch controls and frankly I just really enjoy playing it. It’s a fun post apocalyptic adventure game like last day on earth and arc.

Space Conflict

If you like space fighting and pvp games then you will love space conflict. It is a sci-fi action game. Where you participate in intense battles in the dark space. The game has four different battle modes intense team battles, death match, destroy the enemy base and retrieve the information. Where you will fight with other opponents with deadly spaceships the game offers over 31 types of space battleships that you can use to destroy your enemies. However each spaceship has its special powerful weapons that you can utilize to face more powerful enemies. Overall it’s a great free game so definitely try it out.

Near Reincarnation

Role playing video game set in a realm called the cage. It takes place in the same universe as near and its sequel near automata players take on the role of a young girl dubbed. The girl in white who was guided through the cage by a ghost like being called mama. While unlocking memories of the past and avoiding a black armored creature called the dark monster in the game. You will explore different areas of the cage with mama and fight with enemies within unlocked memories. Overall it’s a highly anticipated game but it is only available in japan at this time.

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