Top 10 New Android Games Of 2021

So I’m here to help you with the top 10 best new high graphics games for your mobile devices.

Imposter Werewolf

This Imposter Werewolf was almost similar to the among us game. But with some new twists with the tasks like the imposter placing a bomb. Whereas the innocent to defuse the bomb and the most surprising thing is the developer added some zombies. If you are innocent all the zombies to win in addition the tasks of the original among us are not added. But the core concept is the same still. I really love this game because of it’s 3D visuals and it more funny.

Fps Arena of Legends

One of the newer fps games this one plays a lot like titles such as halo. Its boasts a multiplayer online pvp experience in a sci-fi setting it features excellent graphics online multiplayer modes and leader boards to create a pretty complete. Disappointing thing is your playing same map again and again. It has good graphics and its hard to play.

Blade of god 2

We’re looking at blade of God brought to you by PG soul games a company. I know next and nada about but praise the Sun do I love that name blade of God is a solid action RPG that takes clear inspiration from the likes of Devil May Cry Dante’s Inferno and most notably God war. In the story you follow our hero chaos on his journey following his rebirth. During the War of the gods as you progress, you’ll fight a wide variety of monsters and bosses that all look like it makes a Christian Norse and greco-roman mythology upfront. The graphics are a tad a rough. I appreciate I get heavy ps2 vibes from this game. they do some cool things with a dynamic camera and finishing moves to help keep the action going as you level you gain points to level up in combos and skills gained as you beat chapter bosses.

Mad Heroes

This is a third person shooter game. The gameplay of this shooting game is very easy. And simple the controls of this game is not that much tough. We can learn it pretty simple way. The speciality of this game is, we can play offline multiplayer mode. And that is very interesting. You can fight with the other players in a team death match. I like offline multiplayer mode very much as that we can fight with the big robots and it will be very interesting to compete the game and surely I believe once you started playing this game you will be addicted to this. You are interested an offline third person shooting game you should try this game.

Wwe Racing Showdown

It’s a vehicle combat game combining mobile action sports and racing allowing players to choose from a roster of wwe superstars. Legends including roman reigns, undertaker, john cena, jinder mahal and more. In the game players can perform wwe finishing moves on custom bikes at high speeds. Dominating unique racing modes like last man standing and money in the bank racing brawl and rupture rampage. Ride signature wwe superstar bikes including the chopper cruiser and dirt bike. via unique race tracks and also experience voice overs and commentary from wwe superstars and legends themselves.

Reset Earth

I don’t know for sure but i think this machine can tell us why. I’m using it again. United nations environment program has launched the reset earth with an important message. it is set in the year 2084. When the world has become a dystopian post apocalyptic place. Where a virus has reduced life expectancy to less than 30 years. Sounds pretty scary eh however there is a very tiny silver of hope. In addition reset earth features hand-drawn and retro graphics. There are four Game play stages. The game is also full of messages trying to tell players about the importance of protecting our environment and the ozone layer.

The Book of Death

The book of death is an adventure game where you play the role of a boy who has been cursed and thrown into a dark world. your objective is to escape from the dark by destroying the book of death. The game features many different challenges including escaping challenging traps fighting with various enemies and more. It also has a great storyline and solid voice acting which really takes it to the next level of thrilling adventures. Overall it’s a great game and you should definitely try it out at least once.

Last Fishing Monster Clash

This one is the 3d action adventure fishing game where your objective is to survive on an island while trying to catch monster fish to that effect you will need to jump into the skin of pirate fisherman pickup a fishing rod some tools and bait supplies in order to catch the fish.

Bridge Constructor the walking dead

This one is a puzzle game for those who love creativity but with a little zombie element added and the story line borrowed from the walking dead tv series. The gameplay is unique and exotic a perfect combination of strategy and puzzle to give you the best tactical experience where you have to face hundreds of challenges.

Light of Aerial

Light of aerial is 3d mmorpg for mobile. The game follows the classic mmorpg mechanics. Where you start off your adventure by choosing a class and then follow the main quests, side quests and participate in battles. The game offers lots of in game modes. Where you can grind currencies and use them to make your character stronger. The objective is to keep growing  and progressing while unlocking a variety of content like character awakening artifacts talents and much more.

Mega Heroes

I’m not sure how you feel auto play mmorpgs. But for those who are fans that is what mega heroes is all about set in. A time traveler’s fantasy world you have to save the world of goddesses from the demon invasion. Mega heroes is at best an idol game that someone can play. If they’re too busy to really spend some time on a game it doesn’t bring anything unique to the genre and seems to be another title developed as a cash grab more than anything else. The game will suck you in for a couple of hours but then you will hit a progression wall. Where you have to decide if you’re gonna spend money or just stop playing altogether.

Sword art online black swordsman ace

This is an mmorpg based on favorite sao series where you enter and then get stuck in a virtual world which you must ultimately escape. The game is based on the original anime in the ancrid story where players enter the gaming world and find out that not only are they trapped there but if they die in the game they also die in real life. This game features dungeons  a100 floor tower character customization career skills pvp world bosses and much more.

Magatsu War Height

This is an mmorpg with turn based combat set in a post calamity world of ruin and despair. They have acquired unique powers to fight against light the force responsible for their world state of destruction. If you’re in the market for a new rpg with a solid story or are a final fantasy fan then definitely check this one out spoiler alert the games are very similar and both have shota miwa as the lead.

Stunned Car Extreme

This one’s an arcade stunt and trial car game. Where you get to race exciting tracks and perform various stunts like front and back flips the levels are divided into three categories based on skills needed normal hard and extreme. Which offers more opportunities to challenge yourself and keep the game exciting. You can also customize your cars based on preference with wicked paint jobs engines tires and more. Stunt car extreme has great graphics and controls are so smooth.

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