Top 10 Modern Pc Games of 2021

To be clear this list does not attempt to pick out the best or most influential pc games of all time. since comparing the gameplay of the original doom to it’s reboot isn’t exactly fair nor is it a list of the most popular games out there. the top games in every genre no this is a list of games from the last decade that we at ign. after plenty of internal debate collectively recommend the most based on our own tastes think of it. as our staffs personal recommendations to you for games, we think you should play if you haven’t to that end. these are our picks for the best modern pc games.

Final fantasy XIV online

In short final fantasy 14 is not just the best mmo you can play right now. It’s a fantastic final fantasy game in its own right through its relaunch. And subsequent three expansions final fantasy 14 has slowly morphed from a relatively generic good versus evil plot into a sprawling political and fantastical thriller. The latest expansion shadow bringers serves both satisfying payoffs to some years-long character arcs as well as a compelling. Self-contained story that rivals the final fantasy series best don’t be scared away by the fact that. Its online despite being an mmo square enix has streamlined things so much that. And even instance dungeons now have an option for you to enter with computer-controlled party members instead of forcing you into a group. With strangers of course it is also a fully fleshed mmo with end game rating. That ranges from totally accessible to maddeningly pushing.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium took age-old crpg mechanics and created something entirely modern with them. as well as transplanting the dice rolls in deep dialogue options from dungeons and drangons into lesser-seen noir detective setting. It offers entirely original ways to play, such as debating against 24 different sections of your own brain. Each representative of a different skill of train your down enough. detective is thrust into circumstances, where you must solve a murder but with all great stories. And cast of characters drive it along supported by some of the best writing scene in any game playing. Disco Elysium feels entirely fresh and pretty much unlike anything, you will have experienced an pc in any area let alone this one.

Nier: Automata

Nier automata is by all accounts a game that shouldn’t exist director yokotaro’s original. Near flopped back in 2010. But it nevertheless developed a ravenous fan base. And for good reason to put it simply nier automata. Does what the original to do learning from its failure and building on its successes create. A blend of hardcore and fluid combat. Bullet hell shoot-em-up segments and visual novel styling it all coalesces into something entirely new. A frustrating pc port that the fan base had to fix themselves with the all. But mandatory far mod neurotomato’s staying power is etched, somewhere within. Its philosophical musings of humanity pain of existence and ability to find the humor in between and each of its. Big story moments is punctuated with a haunting sound track, courtesy of composer keiichi ok abe. All of that makes new automata a game that needs to be experienced from beginning to end. Not just ending a but endings b c d and e as well those multiple endings. Build to something no other game has ever dared to attempt with apologies to the original near. But this one just hits a little different you know.


xcom 2 builds on the brilliant high-stakes tactical combat of x-com enemy unknown and its war of the chosen expansion makes it even better. It has the game tension of going from a technologically inferior. Underdog to powerful war machine with the constant threat of the permanent death of your customized soldiers. Looming over every decision. However it turns the formula of defending earth from alien invaders on its head by boldly recasting. X-com as a gorilla force attempting to liberate the planet from alien. Occupation making the situation feel even more desperate than ever. This bigger deeper sequal adds not just complexity in the form of new. And more powerful soldier classes equipment. Aliens but also a huge focus on replay ability procedurally generated maps, keep you from falling into a repeatable pattern. Tactical missions frequent random events on the strategic map shake up your build and research orders. Of course there arc mods galore to refresh things whenever you like.

Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA Online

Grand theft auto 5 sprawling yet meticulously detailed map is still the high bar to which all other open world games. Not only is it huge its incredibly dense with excellent not just the driving and shooting and three protagonist story that make up its campaign. And not limited to the numerous side activities but all the sights sounds and bustling activity you’d expect to find in a city teeming with humans seedy underbelly included. So much to do explore and play with both in single player. Grand theft auto online plus great creative tools. It’s truly amazing on multiple levels and that’s before you make everything completely insane with mods.

Divinity: original sin 2

Divinity original sin 2’s definitive edition cemented. It as one of the greatest rpgs of all time. It masterfully mixes pieces of classic rpgs with more modern mechanics and designs modern mechanics. Designs feeling old and new at the same time. The sequel has improved on its predecessor’s. Already incredible combat by deepening its systems, while simultaneously simplifying and smoothing out. Its clunkier bits not to mention it introduced some brutally smart new ai. There’s also an overwhelming amount of game. Here to play with six different origin characters, custom tags to make your own and over 74000 lines of fully voiced dialogue. This massive rpgs has more than enough to keep you coming back time and time again.

Stay the spire

In a rogue like variety is king slay the spire is constantly changing decks of ability cards powerful relics and four drastically different playable characters. Keeps these turn-based battles fresh and engaging for far longer than they have any right to be watching your character’s attacks, defenses skills and powers evolve across. Its three chapters is a journey and throwing your hand in at the end of a run knowing. You never see its like again. can be like saying goodbye to a friend. You were only just getting to know of course the possibility of getting an even better combination. The next time through makes, it tough to resist hitting the new game button and the randomized daily climbs give even veterans. A new and interesting way to play every day.

Half-Life: Alyx

Wide’s return was so anticipated just as the first half-life proved. You could tell a story in a first-person game without taking control of the camera away and half-life. 2 pioneered physics-based puzzles in combat alex has set a new standard for virtual reality shooters. Its full-length campaign pulls up all the stops for an amazing and horrifying battle against combine soldiers zombies head crabs. Three-dimensional puzzles and it even turns the simple act of reloading your weapon into a desperate life or death struggle. Without spoilers it caps all that off with a fantastic ending that, made the wait almost feel worth it.

The witcher 3: wild hunt

Deep lengthy rpgs are a staple of pc gaming and very few have put a larger chunk of sophisticated content forward than. The witcher 3 wild hunt has its massive sandbox open world areas impress both in terms of scope and density. They’re generously dotted with great monsters to slay tantalizing mysteries to solve and personal stories to unfurl. . Which you absolutely should it is a true epic, it’s also one of the most impressive. Overall productions in gaming history with dreams of excellently written dialogue performed by a stellar voice. An incredible original soundtrack and graphics that qualify as both a technical and artistic achievement.

Portal 2

Portal 2 claims our top spot for the final year on this list before it ages out of our 10-year window. Because in the past decade nothing else has struck. So many chords, so perfectly and accomplishes. Its impeccable level design charming personality and exceptional and varied puzzle systems make you feel smarter. Just for getting through it plus, its co-op campaign requires a different sort of collaborative thinking and that helps it remain. One of the best multiplayer experiences you can share with around valve is a developer that presumably. Because of the time it takes to make it incredible games creates a feeling of timelessness in its designs. Portal 2 which iterated on and added to the brilliant mind-bending puzzles and world building of its short. But sweet predecessor feels just as clever and unique in 2020 as it did at launch in 2011. Simply put if you’ve never played portal 2 your top gaming priority.

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