Top 10 High Graphics Mobile Games for 2021

Hey what’s up Gamers. So I hear you’re looking for some new high graphics games. Just kidding i know we’re always looking for new high graphics games. Top 10 high graphics mobile games for 2021.

Mere four

Mere four is a unique open world free to free-to-play. K-fantasy mmorpg that was just released on august 26 of 2021 and features cross-platform between pc and mobile. So in mere 4, you’re taking on a journey through the mysterious lands of the orient across a vast open environment. There is a high level of character customization involved. As well as exciting clan mechanics that lets players progress through the game with other members of the same clan. And experience large-scale pvp clan battles. The lore of this game definitely sounds interesting and the artwork is super stunning. It’s not really any surprise considering the graphics are powered by unreal engine 4. All in all mere 4 is a really good mmorpg. That features intense fighting scenes and eye-pleasing 3d graphics. Additionally the game is integrated with block chain coin cryptocurrency and nft. So super modern mir 4 is available for download on the app store and the google play store. And it’s also on stream.

Gun and down

Now we’re checking in on number 10 gun and down. This one’s an action shooter multiplayer game. Where you’re a gunslinger and you gotta survive deadly all-out gun battles. So it’s pretty simple gameplay mechanics. Where you’ll learn really quickly, how to use tactics to kill your opponents. All you got to do is grab your weapon and not miss the shot. The game offers, over 8 gunslingers with special skills and more than 10 iconic weapons. The game also has console quality maps and objects to hide in destructible environments and obstacles. So overall it’s a great game for those who love real time 1v1 matches.

Racing clash club

Number 9 racing clash club. So this one’s a multiplayer racing game. Where you take part in real time races with other players from around the world. In each of these races you can either play as a saboteur and deploy spike strips emp. And other tricks to slow down your opponents. You can also use nitrous to boost the speed of your car and unlock new rewards after winning the races. So there’s a total of 24 original race tracks, including tarmac and dirt surfaces. Where you can race and drift the car. So overall the game has bright and colorful graphics with multiplayer mode.

Battlefield mobile

Battlefield mobile electronic arts has been lurking alpha tests for battlefield mobile through google play. And now this famous tactical fps game is finally available on smartphone devices. So the game continues to emphasize the importance of team gameplay. And the charm of the original game that has been developed to be more exciting in the game. You can enjoy various playing modes using combat vehicles, atvs or tanks. Collecting gadgets and destroying environments in different settings. As a player you gotta capture the point and defend your army. Overall it’s a good game. It does need a bit more improvement but a lot of potential.

Boss hunt heroes

At number seven boss hunt heroes. This one’s a fast-paced pve action shooter game. Where you and up to 4 other players take down epic bosses in a series of post-apocalyptic locations. So the developer says they were inspired by games like diablo destiny, borderlands and gauntlet to make this game. In this version, you’ll fight with massive monsters and their armies. And you use bombs and firearms to destroy the enemies. So if killing the boss is your Favorite part of any game you gotta check this one out.

Zombie defense 2

Number 6 zombie defense 2. It is an action game, where you fight zombies in a lab. The game offers action and thrills at the same time. But it doesn’t have the best quality of graphics in the game. Something has gone wrong in a big lab and a lot of zombies came out. Now you take on the task of cleansing them all. From parts of the laboratory but your task is not that easy. Because the lighting in the lab is very poor. If you want to feel the tension fully, I recommend you play this game with your headphones.

Loot legends robots

Loot legends robots versus aliens salmon pirate launched a mobile rpg game. That helps robots fight against hordes of aliens invading the world. So basically it’s a single player game. That features a looter shooter with rogue like gameplay. In the game you shoot and loot hordes of enemies to protect your bass player. And you can upgrade your characters with new equipment abilities things. Like that to increase your strength. It’s pretty much the same as most rpgs. In that regard the game features cute graphics with good controls. All in all it’s a decent game that focuses on shooting only and dodging a bit. But also offers good graphics and several different missions to try out.

Macarena robot showdown

At number four macarena robot showdown. This one’s a real-time 5v5 multiplayer robot style shooter strategy game. With fast and intense gameplay and lush 3d graphics by plarium games. So in the game, you battle in real time multiplayer 5v5 battles using powerful mechs. In multiple battle modes, there’s a total of 15 macs. You can customize with the color or skin according to your choice. And use heaps of weapons combinations. So when we get down to the graphics. Which is the whole point of this video mecharina offers stunning visuals plus. The controls are super smooth. So overall this game is a really good time killer and intense action plus good graphics.

Nerf battle arena

No Three nerf battle arena. So if you are or were a nerf gun lover, then you’ll definitely like this game. It’s an online multiplayer shooting game. Where you participate in fast and fun arena matches. So in the game you fight with other real players from all around the world. And tag the opposing team. The game features two different models like token rush 3v3. Where you collect and hold 10 tokens to win in the match. And free for all mode, which is 1 vs 9 and you survive in the mysterious sky castle.

Ice cream 5 friends

Number 2 ice cream 5 friends, basically this one is a sequel to the stunning adventure horror game. Featuring the spooky and evil ice cream maker rod. So as in the previous chapter, you freed your friends from their cages stopped them from ending up in the extraction room. But now your friends are in different parts of this huge ice cream factory. And you need to get them all out together and defeat rod. So in this chapter, the developer added some new features like character switching systems, new enemies and some fun puzzles. So if you want to enjoy this part of the game. Then I’d say definitely play it now.

Pokemon unite

Finally number one pokemon unite. Now this one’s the first strategic pokemon team battle game. Where players face off against each other in five on five team battles. So in these battles you cooperate with your teammates to catch wild pokemon level up and evolve your own pokemon. And defeat your opponents. All while trying to earn more points in the opposing team within the allotted time. So personally, I’m not a huge fan of mobile games but to be honest i love playing this game. It’s very fun and free. It has some micro transactions but you can easily play the game without paying them. And I mean pokemon right, so there we have it the 10 best high graphics games for the month.

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