Top 10 Best RPG Games For Android 2021

What did you want to be when you were little a doctor a scientist a time wizard well luckily, we have grown up in the first generation to ever actually be able to become the latter as well as the former. today we’re talking about rpgs because while we wait for magic to be discovered in real life. we can be whoever or whatever, we want in the magical world of rpgs, but not all rpgs are created equal. so today we’ll be counting down the top 15 rpgs of 2021 for mobile.

Infinity conflict

So kicking off with number 15 infinity conflict. This is an rpg hardcore action game with beautiful visuals. You’ll become the protagonist of the game breaking through the yoke of time and space going to the unknown field looking for the last artifact fighting against raging demons. And defeating powerful enemies. The game uses 3d full view rendering cool and refreshing blows and extreme dodge waiting for the operating parties to challenge and an exciting plot is dedicated to all the acg lovers.

Angel squad

A number 14 angel squad this is a beautiful anime-style shooting game. Where you will join a squad of cute anime angels and fight with another squad. The game has dozens of unique angels with different weapons and different classes. Each battle requires different weapons and strategies to win. also the game offers you a variety of different maps and customization options. Overall the game has beautiful visuals with a perfect combination of shooter and anime rpg.

Moonlight sculptor

A number 13 moonlight sculptor, moonlight sculptor is an open world mmorpg from the creator arch age that takes place within virtual royal road. Where players get to choose from among six classes. Each with customizable stats and skill sets. You can choose from anything between an alchemist and a warrior or go without a class and become a sculptor. Later the story of the game is entirely based on the popular novel the legendary moonlight sculptor. Where you are completely free to play, your way there are a host of different pvp battles to participate in outside of batting against enemies though you can craft weapons. And armor in preparation for your battles. Overall it’s a great new mmorpg to play.

Bleach eternal soul

Bleach eternal soul, this one’s a more traditional rpg. Where you can relive the story of bleach one of the most popular animes of the recent decades in the game scenes. Some of which are taken right from the anime. You’ll meet all the main characters from the saga bleach. immortal soul is a completely linear game. And the only time you have to take control of your character is when they directly confront an enemy. Overall I think the game is pretty good. there are a lot of cons as well and I find it’s too similar to other games for me to take it seriously.

Guardian of Claudia

Guardian of Claudia watch out the bridge is going to fall. This is an mmorpg that transports you into a fantasy universe to experience exciting missions with the different characters that live. There in this anime inspired game you take on the role of a skywalker. These warriors battle the forces of the abyss which threaten to destroy the city of Claudia. You can choose to be one of five classes in guardians of Claudia besides. These classes you will also be able to collect more than 100 pets as you progress. You’ll be able to acquire, new skills that will enhance your performance in each of the pvp battles. It’s a great game and it’s all brought together really well with some 3d colourful graphics.

Ragnarok origin

A number 10 ragnarok origin, this is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game created by gravity. Where you immerse yourself into a new story that will bring you the best joy and emotions. The gameplay is heavily based around norse mythology. Where in the characters are taken from the stories around ragnarok. Players interact in a 3d environment but are represented by 2d character sprites from the front back side and diagonal facings. The major types of server supported game play are pvp,pve,pvm player versus monster. Various other specific scenarios that designated instance locations in the game world. Overall game has got major improvement in the graphics and game art department.

Devil may cry peak of combat

Number 9 devil may cry peak of combat. this is an action rpg game. Where you play as dante the main character from the dmc saga. The whole game centers around the demon hunter dante and his efforts to thwart various demon invasions of earth. The game seems to be taking more inspiration from the classic games. Rather than the more recent devil may cry5. Which redesigned a lot of the characters bosses and weapons besides that the game has a great storyline. I just had a lot of fun, it’ll be officially released on mobile platforms in china on june 11th.  And should be coming to other regions later in august, so keep your eyes peeled.

Mu archangel

This mmorpg brings elements from the mu universe. Since it’s a spin-off of the original title mu online mu archangel features. Much of the same from his core version gameplay wise mu archangel will see you hunting down bosses, clearing dungeons, collecting loot, upgrading your equipment, training with fellow guild members and much much more. Best of all you don’t need to stress about breaking items. Due to upgrade failure mu archangel takes its design cues from a simpler better time.

One piece fighting path

One piece fighting path, this one’s a Chinese exclusive action adventure rpg mobile game. It allows you to sail from island to island challenging, enemies and levelling up characters. The game is open world and you can freely roam and interact with other players. Online battles are engaged by encountering enemies in the overworld. Unlike most one-piece rpgs, which feature turn-based combat fighting paths. Combat is similar to an arena brawler with enemies scattered around for the players to defeat in a fixed area. Players can use multiple attack types by clicking on different buttons on this screens. Some characters have more attack types than others. Overall it’s a great game with a great original storyline.

Attack on titan assault attack on titan

A number six attack on titan assault attack on titan is a massively popular anime series. That at the moment spans across a whopping 28 volumes. And is still going strong as a result making. A mobile tie-in for this expansive story is no easy task as a turn-based 3d rpg. Attack on titan assault takes you with controlling a team of heroes to fight against a variety of enemies. Where you immerse yourself in the desperate distressing and thrilling atmosphere of attack on titan. As you experience key events from the anime first hand. Also some quick time events are included in the combat system. Which allows you to deal more damage with your attacks by repeatedly tapping on the screen.

Punishing grey raven

Number five punishing grey raven, this is an action role-playing game. That takes place in a dark cyberpunk world. Where humanity is fighting back against a viral outbreak that not only kills humans, but also infects machines commanding them to destroy everything on their path in this world. You take on the role of an elite squad of heroes known as grey raven. You’ll collect heroes along the way by playing the main campaign and participating in in-game events. The game also features everything you might expact from a genre. Like complex rpg top notch visuals and intense hack and slash combat with unique skills for each characters. I love this one and is actually finally available in the English language as well.

Near reincarnation

Near reincarnation this is a role playing video game set in a realm called the cage. It is now available in English language and takes place in the same universe as nier. Its sequel near automata players take on the role of a young girl dubbed the girl in white who is guided through the cage. By a ghost-like being called mama and unlocking memories of the past. While avoiding a black armored creature called the dark monster in the game. You’ll explore different areas of the cage with mama and fight with enemies within unlocked memories. Overall it’s a highly anticipated game but right now it’s only available in japan.

Albion online

A number three albion online, this one’s a traditional mmorpg set in a gigantic medieval fantasy world. That offers the real multi-platform experience. The game features, a player-driven economy where nearly every item is player crafted and pvp is open world. Graphically speaking the game actually looks a lot like a rune escape except with much more polished visuals. Albion online offers classless combat system big world to explore and has a vast skill system that allows players to customize. And grow their characters. Exactly how they want those looking for a unique player driven mmo should find a lot to like in albion online.

My hero academia

My hero academia no you idiot stop, what am I doing, why am I running, why can’t I stop, what do I do. It has been a fan favorite with his fighting scenes. Friendship and different unique quarks moreover with the renewal of the fifth season. The hype is not dying anytime soon speaking about the game. My hero academia is set at an open world action rpg players have to build their own team rosters with class 1a students pro heroes. Villians to use in story mode pvp and co-op mode the game is free to play. However it does include in-app purchases but on top of all that the game has outstanding graphics. That perfectly fit the original look of the anime. finally my hero academia is available in English and available in north America.

Gentian impact

A number one gentian impact, this is a role- playing rpg with gotcha elements. It’s also arguably one of the best from the genre from 2020. The game looks and feels a little bit like Zelda breath of the wild. You can explore every pixel of the landscape and you even get a glider to make travel easier. There’s a decent story along with a confident soundtrack and a good selection of characters. The gotcha elements are actually quite different. You earn characters through quests in game. Rather than pulling them from tickets like most other games. This one has been blowing up ever. since it was released and it’s proven itself to be something special as long as the developers can keep it up.

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