Top 10 Action Games Of September 2021

Top 10 mind-blowing video games of the week for your mobile devices. so starting off at number 10

Blaze soul slayer

This is a 3d strategy game. Which is based on the original world view and the popular characters are produced in full 3d. This game sincerely invites the original animation class voice actors to participate in the role dubbing. And the classic op is range repeated and produced. Player can recruit dozens of popular original characters and upgrade them to face various challenges together. So the game has good visuals with original storyline. Which comes with easy and simple controls. So if you are a fan of blaze anime series, then you can try this one. This game is only available in Chinese language.

Truck simulator ultimate

Moving on to number nine truck simulator ultimate. This is a brand new game from the producer of bus simulator ultimate. In this game you can establish your company in the world’s leading countries. Such as the united states, china, Canada, etc. The game features multiplayer season a wide variety of cargo in over 100 cities. Also you can participate in auction on the freight stocks and earn higher profits to manage your own business. You can also hire employees and manage your company for maximum profit design. Your offices the way you want and update your tracks with many modification options. So overall the game has amazing high graphics with stunning visuals and very good controls.

Guard cafe gun

So on number eight guard cafe gun. This is a 2d action rpg game. Which offers you a full screen of bullet train that challenges you to break through gorgeous. Battle scenes and abundant battle voices that call upon your participation. Plus charming humanoid bosses in each battlefield provides a bold visual impact. So overall this is a decent level action rpg game with great visuals. And it offers you to enjoy the full character live 2d experience that captures heartbeat moment with zero distance attraction. That developed a real interactive experience.

War strike

Coming up at number 7 war strike. This one is a role playing first person shooter game with amazing graphics. This is a crazy game, which come with a tiny game size but it has a good storyline and pretty much good control. You can use two weapons knives and bombs. Also sniper rifle and machine gun can be used with the story progress. This is a fast pace action 3d shooter game with lots of weapon customization. This is obviously a great game but there are some issues that need to be fixed. Like players can’t customize, the joystick in control and sometimes we hit enemies but the bullet don’t touch them. Anyway now we can play the campaign mode fully offline and multiplayer mode will be added soon.

Brave fonteyer rexona

On number six brave fonteyer Rexona. This is a new competitive 3d action game from the brave fontair franchise. Players will adventure and explore in a dungeon known as valley of imaginary dungeons with four factions. Which are guild order force and family. There are at least 40 characters list on the roster. The game is released on android and Ios in 15th September.

Grand wards mafia city

Moving on to number five grand wards mafia city. This is a tactical pvp action shooter for 4 players. Where you can choose a godfather from several characters pick up a weapon of your desire from a variety of guns. And hurry into action fight with other prime families that led by real players from all over the world. Increase your influence by taking control of a town and eliminate other criminal starts in gang war. Each invaded street will provide you with more gang members to defend your territory, as well as attack other mafia families. Improve your godfather to be stronger and upgrade your weapon to be dead liar level up. During the fight to improve your player or your gangsters.

Cloud song saga of sky walkers

Number 4 cloud song saga of sky walkers. This is an amazing mmorpg game. Where you can choose your class and customize the character. You can choose page and upgrade them with your xp potions. Also you can completely evolve your page and up their unique aptitudes. The game has pve battle to conquer and also pvp modes. Like battle in the arena Champions league and more combat quest and battle are available. Complete and earn epic rewards and loot battle enemies from the airbus. And help free the world of these aerials by levelling up in order to access more features. Unique abilities and reward. So overall this is a great mmrpg game with decent graphics and a good storyline.

Harry potter magic awakened

On the third number of the list harry potter magic awakened in this game you will become a hogwarts freshman. And realize the long awaited magic dream in the wonderful magic campus. Get to know widget partner with different personalities. Learn spells and magic knowledge. You can also join hands and the original characters. So grow up in a new adventures and start your wizarding carrier. So overall this is an amazing adventure game in harry potter world. Which will give you so much image.

Ego effect

Number two ego effect. This is a classic Japanese rpg game with turn based and strategy combination. Weaknesses and shield breaking out in battle. You can experience the strategic thrill of traditional Japanese turn based battles. You can use your skills to target the enemy’s weaknesses and attribute to cause shield breaking. And enhance the attacking effect and trigger shear kill to perform a magnificent fishing move. So overall this is a good turn-based rpg game with great visuals.

Green face clown

Finally at the top of the list green face clown. This is a horror survival escape game. In this game three friends, who were adventure freaks one fine Night. They were playing hide and seek and strangely, a friend got vanished in the wine. Upon investigation they found out that masked man had taken her away. So you have to find a way to enter a Theatre to find your lost friend. And discover the mysteries behind the supernatural occurrences and set everything back to the way. It was clown has spies all over the town. So watch your back and find, who is the green faced clown. So this is a great horror game with some crazy horror elements. And it is now on early stage.

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