The Walking Dead Survivors Gameplay Review 2021

Hey dear gamers, who don’t know about the walking dead survivors game. This is the ultimate survival strategy game licensed by the walking dean creator Robert kirkman’s skybound entertainment developed by elex. Where you can experience the original story in post-apocalyptic world with more than 80 original characters. Such as rick, negan, glenn, michonne and more. The walking dead survivors also has a new tower defense game mode. That offers a real-time strategy. Where every decision counts you can build your defences with traps. Roots structure customize your town layout to build the perfect defense against incoming waves of walkers. And you need to play, it smartly and find the best strategy for survival. Every action taken can either save your life or allow walkers to run your city to the ground.

Top Rating

It has 4.8 ratings on the app store. So you can imagine, how good this game is. So make sure to download the walking dead survivors. Inside of this game, you’re gonna be exploring the unknown. You’re gonna be fighting with walkers. Searching for other survivors to join you in your journey. You’re going to encounter the classic characters. That we’ve been showing you and you’re going to have to build up your camp. Make sure your town hall is just continuously progressing in level. And you want to form some strategy establish your clan. And get ready for bigger long time end game events that happen inside the game.

Game Story

Game started oh a bus in coming to the base oh no it broke the wall, which means now walkers can enter the base our bus is totally and we’ve got walkers incoming yep. I was right oh we’re gonna die we’re all gonna die off come on what are we gonna do vayne make a plan bro that kind of energy is gonna get you dead. maya’s not dying I promise you no one’s dying today square up take as many of these down as you can ah the walkers are coming there’s too many how can we fight them.

Move find something anything ah definitely maybe we need the high ground to work best been a long time. since we’ve seen you glenn, I see you all right the walkers are incoming let’s get them out of here okay. let’s appoint vayne on this tower so we can give these walkers more damage and you guys already know that vayne is the best melee combat that’s why he is hitting walker with his bat. oh now maya also joins us oh my god there are too many, we need something more powerful to finish them off. oh now dynamite is available to use let’s try that out. wow animation is super satisfying ah some walkers are still alive let’s finish them off yeah victory.


All right I played a little bit more and was able to expand my base and there’s just so much to do. so let’s check out some of the main features starting by upgrading a few things to improve our base. we could start with the wall as you can see as soon as we click on it. we can upgrade the wall and here we can also see that by upgrading our wall. we’re increasing our defense against walkers that attack the base and you can see it’ll take some time but I’m in the clan and that is halping us a lot.

Because now I can request some help, so being in a clan first off is a great decision also. I established my own clan so if you want to join my clan you can absolutely do that additionally you can team up with other players to form clans build various clan buildings across the region to gain more territories strengthen. your forces to defeat the walkers by exploring the area around your settlement is the key to unlocking new locations characters item resources.

Troops & Upgrades

And even learning more about the world where to explore, who to send what to do once you get there these are choices that you have to make as the leader. what are some of the things that you can upgrade inside the game well. you have different barrack type locations here, we have a stable or we could train up different types of troops that are all on horseback. which is pretty cool you’ve gotten your fire station right here, where we could train up to some brutes like spike back combatants right here. we’re gonna train some of them up as well as then over here, we’re also unlocked the police station where we could train our archer units and remember these get progressively better and better unlocking stronger and stronger units.

Interesting Weapons UI

check out the weapons how they change as time goes on, with all the different characters that you can play as well but right now we’re only on level two. so we’re still training archers although I really look forward to getting that sniper at some point in time. now you may notice along the outside wall of our little town here, there are zombies there are walkers waiting to get in so what we need to do is prepare ourselves and really make sure we’re going to be ready for when they do attack and that brings me to some of the unique systems that. this game has that I really do enjoy as now, we’re exploring the fog finding some new elements to add to our little settlement here that. we’re gonna be able to further explore which is awesome.

Survivor Mode

Alright let’s talk about survivor, because each survivor is the pillar of the base and each survivor has their own skill. like rick is a combat survivor who focuses on fighting walkers as a natural-born leader. he brings out the best in his team use his skills in settlement siege to buff the attack power of survivors within range next up. we have michonne, she is a fierce combat survivor that wirlds her trusty katana use her special skill hack and slash to deal bonus damage to incoming walkers in her range.


One cool thing I really like about this game is the world map, where you can attack on other bases. In doing so you get loot you get rewards and it helps you to progress to gain more power inside of the game and make your town hall and settlement a stronger level. Conclusion overall the walking dead survivors offers fun strategic gameplay and features fan favorites characters for players to recruit everything here is life or death on top of that. the game divides its interesting storyline into chapters and the path your story takes depends on your strategy and how you manage your resources. so check it out and see if you can survive the walking dead the game is available on both ios and android.

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