Stuart Little 3 Big Photo Adventure PS2 ISO Download

It serves little purpose to start this review with the usual discussion on licensed videogames. By now, most gamers know that movie-based games tend to suck. And that’s all you really need to know concerning that. For this review, you only need to know one other thing: Stuart Little 3: Big Photo Adventure doesn’t suck. On the contrary, it’s a great game for kids.
Developed by Magenta Software, Big Photo Adventure offers a good deal of variety and impressive design. This automatically puts the game well ahead of most kiddy titles, but also ahead most licensed games well. It’s a simple game, of course, since it’s clearly aimed at 9-year-olds, but it still offers enough genuine content to entertain much older players. In other words, this is one of those rare instances where “mature” gamers forced to play with their younger siblings really won’t mind that much at all.


Stuart Little 3 Game File

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