Spiderman Miles Morals Game For Android

Download Spiderman: Miles Morales APK for Android by R-User Games. This viral fan-made game has been gaining popularity recently, with many popular YouTubers releasing videos about this game. Spiderman: Miles Morales Android Game has been released by a developer called R-User Games. The game is similar to the new Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales which was exclusive to the Sony PS4 & PS5 and released in 2020.

Miles Morales is a new character and is also a Spider-Man character in the story from Marvel’s New York. Miles was introduced to Peter Parker, and he quickly became his good friend and mentor. It’s a great upgrade from the last released Spider-Man game, with highly unlockable skills and stunning gameplay.

The developer has designed and tried to maintain the same flying animations in character from the original game so you can expect a fluid and realistic gameplay experience. You’ll get multiple Spider-Man skins from the game menu so you can customize the character to your liking. Similar to the PlayStation game, you’ll see the same buildings, roads, and maps.

Spiderman Miles Morales APK
With great control, you’ll be able to move the character with a joystick from the left corner of the screen. Jump, Kick, Fly, etc. buttons are right at the bottom of your screen for your convenience. This makes the whole experience feel natural.

Unfortunately, this Fan-made version of the game isn’t 100% complete which was expected due to some other reasons. The Dev has stated that they worked on this project to provide a beta version of this, which will have different stunts, animations, cars, some weather options, and map improvements to make the game a lot more true to the original and this was already released on 31st May 2022.

For now, though, there isn’t any news on the Official Marvel Company releasing a full game for the Android market which is a bit disappointing but we hope in the future this changes and the company decides to bring this awesome game to the mobile market.

Spiderman Miles Morales features:

1.Play As The Miles Morales Character
2.Similar Game Animations To The Original
3.High-Quality Graphics
4.Multiple Suite Skins
5.New Swing Animation
6.Dive and Air Tricks
7.4 New Weather
8.Traversal Missions
9.Combat Missions
10.Highly Optimized
11.Easy Controls
12.Alpha / Beta Version

You’ll get multiple character skins in the game, which you can use to change the appearance of your character in the gameplay. That’s not all! You’ll also find different and unique styles of your character while roaming around the game.

If you got a black screen on startup, make sure to grant all permissions required by the game.


Spiderman Miles Morals (245MB)

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