Prince of Persia Game For Android Download

In Cyberpop New World, the player begins his journey into a near-future society with advanced biological and digital technology. As the foundation of this world, we abstracted the popular traits and visual aesthetics of cyberpunk. We call this world cyber pop – it’s cool, but not cold. Cyberpop allows players to enter a virtual body through the client. They can fight, socialize, explore, and create in this real world.

This is not only a CyberPop world but also a real world. This world is real because of its metagame elements: the whole game tries to break the fourth wall. Cyberpop NPCs are eager to seek help from higher dimensional players. because they know they live in a video game; You live in a virtual world. This allows players to maintain their identity throughout the game’s journey and become who they want.

Developers say that a lot of effort went into developing the Prince’s character during pre-production. With over 100 animations, it was clearly the most important component of the game. Because of this, he had less time and resources to develop the ones that would allow him to exploit all his abilities: his enemies. In level design, enemies represent certain ingredients. Due to their dynamic nature, they must complement the main character’s combat skills. At the same time, they should also surprise players with unexpected behavior in any situation.


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