Play Station 5 Tips & Tricks

Start With Controller

So I have some pretty cool tips tricks and hidden features on PS5. Starting off with the new edition of a microphone on the controller. So you don’t necessarily need a headset anymore. The mic is also not only used for talking but in some games you have to blow in the mic to complete certain tasks. This just blows my mind but as mentioned this is a microphone, so you can use it in place of a headset chat to your buddies and hear them through the onboard speaker. You also have a mute button for the mic. So if you just tap on that it will light up orange. And then you know your mic is muted and just tap it again turn it off.

A great way to really experience all these amazing features the dual controllers have is to jam the game called Astros playroom. It comes on the ps5 and this game was developed specifically to experience all the amazing features of dual sense controllers. Like this trigger intensity. The haptics vibration and so much more. Then a super hidden design features that, you may not known is. If you take a super close look at the texture grip on the back of the controller.

Controller Mic

You will see the almost microscopic detail of play stations signatures x’s o’s triangles and squares etched into the plastic to create a super unique grip texture. I personally think this is such a great touch and possibly a good way to tell fakes from originals. Because not only is this detail on the console itself. But it’s also etched on all the accessories. Like the controllers media remote and even charging station.

So play station have made it surprisingly easy to clean and maintain your play station 5. By being able to remove both of these white side panels. So once you have don’t that you can then go ahead and vacuum up the fans as well as remove any dust from both the dust catchers on either side. Now of course when doing this just be patient and take your time but basically you lift the side by the play station logo. And slide down to remove the white panel and then you will see the guts of your play station 5 with a fairness and both the dust catches.

Easy Clean & Maintain

Once you vacuum those up you can turn over your console and do the exact same thing on the opposite side. Ultimately just maintain your ps5. So it will last you for years. Then I don’t know about you guys but sometimes searching for games using the controller can be so tedious and time consuming. You have got to go through the entire keyboard one by one using your controller. But there are four other options you can use. Frist up is the d-pad on the controller and this basically works like a mouse pad. You can hover around and click down to select your letters.

Second way is by installing the ps remote play app connecting it to your ps. And then using your phone as the controller and what’s nice about. This is when you get to the search section or somewhere that needs text your phones keyboard will automatically appear and you can just type in what you’re looking for.

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