Meteor 60 Seconds Game For Android

Meteor 60 seconds! is a wacky game where you only have sixty seconds until a meteorite crashes into the earth and destroys the planet. What will you do with your last minute alive? Kiss random people on the street? Attack them? Try to do something epic?

The controls in Meteor 60 seconds! are simple, with the directional arrows on the left side of the screen and the attack and kiss buttons on the right. Sometimes, if you pick up a special object, you’ll see an additional button alongside the rest of the action buttons.

You can do a lot of different things in Meteor 60 seconds!. Kiss dogs, break vehicles, take the subway, sneak into labs, use a rocket, and more. Even though you only have 60 seconds to act, there are nine completely different endings to enjoy.

Meteor 60 seconds! is an original game that offers a nice collection of interesting puzzles thanks to its variety of different endings. Plus, the game has a pretty good sense of humor that’s sure to give you at least a few good laughs.


Meteor 60 Seconds PC

Meteor 60 Seconds Android

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