Jackie Chan Adventures PS2 Game Download

Game Story

Jackie Chan Adventures is an action genre game inspired by the animated film of the same name, the game was developed by Atomic Planet Entertainment and was first released on November 7, 2001. The story begins a long time ago when the Demon Sorcerers were making the world more chaotic than ever. Eight immortals now use Pan Ku boxes to banish them to the Demon Netherworld.

Today, the terrorist boss Valmont has found boxes and freed the demons. Now Jackie Chan and his granddaughter Jade Chan and other heroes in J-Team have to find ways to stop the demons and find the spell to destroy them. Join the game and play the role of Jackie Chan, with available martial arts skills, your task is to find 12 ancient magic charms. To find them, you will have to complete many challenges in the game such as to overcome traps, solving puzzles and even fighting with many enemies. With easy-to-understand storylines, eye-catching graphics, and platformer gameplay, you can easily access for entertaining moments as well as dramatic action.

Game Requirements

You can easily play this game using PCX2 Emulator on you PC or Laptop. If you want to play on android you can try with Aether SX2 Emulator to play this game. This Game size around 2GB. I gave 2 parts. Each Part contains 500 MB. You must download these two parts to play this game.

Game Download

Jackie Chan Part-1

Jackie Chan Part-2

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