Internet Cafe Simulator Game For Android

Internet Cafe Simulator Game For Android. Urban Simulator is an Internet business simulation game. You can build and manage a comprehensive workplace in the game. It’s name only Urban Simulator but the entire game features, game play are similar to Internet Cafe Simulator.

Urban Simulator

As an Urban Simulator, players not only need to run their own Internet shop, but also need to survive and explore in small towns. Players can unlock new spaces, purchase more advanced computer equipment to meet the needs of customers, or explore more unlockable content on the computer’s control terminal.

Free Game on Android

A game called Urban Simulator simulates the aspects of an Internet cafe. Therefore, it is a free-to-play game that is highly addictive and fun. The purpose of this game is to teach people how different customer choices affect the customer’s experience at the internet café. This game shows you what it’s like to use an internet cafe service provider, and if you’re already using one, you can see how you compare!

Imagine a world where you could build your own computer. Characters have been added so that you can interact with them. The security guard must be paid so that Bomby cannot destroy your business. Kids should not be allowed inside so that they do not bother your customers. Lights that are out of control must be fixed so that customers aren’t inconvenienced. Call a technician if your internet is not working so that he can fix it. Paint your cafe to make it more beautiful.

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