Incredible 5 Best Android Apps 2021

INCREDIBLE 5 Best Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss In 2021!

Hello there welcome back to one more featuring five incredible android apps that you cannot afford to ignore and I’m sure you’re goanna install them as they are super useful for every android user.

Now let’s get started with no delay simple but very useful app to monitor vital parameters of your phone at a glance. It’s actually a kind of widget that can be placed anywhere on the screen. The app allows you to monitor your phone’s CPU, GPU frequencies. GPU load screen awaken sleep time charging current battery temperature upload and download speed of the internet etc.

The widget seems a bit complex because it displays individual core frequencies of your processor the number of frequencies depends on your processor mine is an octa core processor so I have 8 frequencies here widget rescaling option would have made the widget look less complex but the app doesn’t allow us to manually adjust the widget size despite the lack of essential customization options you can customize the widget with limited available options like the layout can be changed and also the monitoring parameters are selective for example you can choose to monitor only the temperature when you are playing games so you can prevent overheating of your device would have been great if it had few more parameters to monitor such as ram CPU load and memory etc. overall it’s a nice app to have on your device.

The next one is an amazing open source app that ensures your safety on the internet. It’s basically a multi-purpose app that can be used to firewall apps monitor network activity block malware and change dns. Most of the apps we use actually don’t need to be connected to the internet to function. you can firewall such apps along with those apps you suspect of stealing your data easily with this app the app also monitors incoming and outgoing internet traffic for unknown and suspicious connections the connectivity locks are generated and available in real time so you can analyse them and block suspicious connections not just blocking malicious websites but you can also access any blog websites in your country by connecting to any of these available dns servers you can also add any dns server manually for faster internet connection the app offers a handful of fastest dns servers to choose from but if you want more then get this next step.

It allows you to check the speeds of the dns servers you get 19 servers by default in this app of which you can check the speeds with just a click you can also get various dns server addresses from the internet add those addresses in this app manually then check their speeds by tapping on this button and then copy these primary and secondary server addresses of the fastest server and paste it in the previous app and then set it as your dns server for faster connection so use these two apps together for safer and faster internet experience.

This is an incredible app that takes care of your entertainment it’s a free android streaming app using which you can watch not just movies and TV shows but also anime you just tap on the settings button to choose one of the many available streaming sources it offers a handful of anime sources of both dubbed shows and English subtitles all are absolutely free to stream and also you can download anything to your device for offline watch so it’s a heaven for anime lovers and as I said it also lets you watch latest movies and TV shows of popular streaming platforms as well for free. along with these you can also find popular Asian movies TV shows and Asian dramas as well and there’s also a search feature to find the TV shows and movies you want to watch the app also supports picture in picture mode so you can continue watching anything while doing other stuff on your phone above all the app is open source and ad free so I don’t see any reason to not have this incredible app on our phones.

The next one is an interesting wallpaper app that lets you set any gif as live wallpaper on your phone’s screen the app allows you to change the aspect ratio of the gif and rotate the gif to your liking and also you can change the background colour to match with the gif while there are many gif makers available on the play store but you can’t set the created gif as live wallpaper through the gif creator so create your own gif from your photos or videos using any gif maker or download gifs online and set them as live wallpapers on your phone screen through this app.

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