Gas Station Simulator Game For Android

Mighty Game Studio develops Gas Station Junkyard Simulator for android devices. This game is a role-playing game. In this game, you will be renovating the abandoned gas station. Here you will be building a petrol station from scratch. You have to put lots of effort and money into this job simulator game. If you want you can become GasBuddy of your customer. According to me running a gas station and becoming an oil tycoon is not a simple job. To increase respect points you have to serve customers with time management techniques. If you are unable to serve customers it will bring down your reputation.

In this game, your reputation depends on how you treat the customer and supply the fuel timely. Here you will be supplying fuel tanks and oil tankers. Keep your gas station always ready so that customers refill fuel timely. You also have to keep drinks, and snacks so that long route customers can buy this. The only thing you have to learn is that customers should not be unhappy otherwise your reputation will go down. You will be refilling vehicles like Trucks, buses, and cars. Fuel finders and streetcar drivers can give you a lot of profit to grow your business.

Instead of refueling your customers can also take advantage of different services like car Services. If your car got punctured you can go to a puncture shop to get a new tyre or fix a puncture. You have to bring an expert car mechanic for free so that you can gain more experience points to build your reputation. To maintain oil prices and fuel prices affordable to customers. You can expand your empire to unlock Tyre shop, puncture shop, 3D tuning room, Car mechanic garage, and power wash station.

Gas Station Junkyard Simulator New updates

Now you can upgrade your fuel tank to keep up your supplies. If you want you can add new shelves and 100’s of items in the gas shop. Car parking and crossing bugs are now fixed. Lots of animations, sound, and cut scenes were added to make this game more enjoyable.

Useful Information

You can open shops like supermarkets and play as traders in trader life simulators. Most cars and trucks need supermarket stores near gas fueling stations so that they can buy items for long journeys. If customers buy this item players will earn a profit so that they can expand their business. You should remember that you will be building your gas station by taking a loan so use your strategy should be best to pay back the loan. If you will be unable to recover your loan gangsters can come to catch you in this game.

Additional Information

This game was last updated on April 8, 2022. This game has 500000+ installs which shows that this game will become popular in very less time. Requires android above 5+. If you want you can purchase items in these games to upgrade yourself faster.


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