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Game Review

God of war to Sony Santa Monica Studios is follow up to the original god of war back in 2005 when the first game was released we gave it a number of awards that year including overall game of the year pick for a very good reason. As it’s still one of the best action games ever released. The follow up God of War 2 actually surpasses. The original in basically every single way across the board Santa Monica Studios has actually managed to one-up themselves and create a better game. All around every area has been improved although being that the first game was so good and pushed the PlayStation 2 to its limits. Already most of the improvements are minor and more evolutionary steps rather than revolutionary steps the story in God of War 2 picks up. Where the first game left off with Kratos sitting atop the throne with the God of War the story and the second game is deeper it’s longer. It’s more complicated in the first time around there’s a lot of character development.

Here where things aren’t necessarily right and wrong or black and white but it’s more about perspective about the perspective from Kratos is view perspective from the gods view. Perspective from some other characters you’re not going to spoil. So it’s not so much as you know this guy’s writing, this guy’s wrong and you’re gonna get revenge because it’s been done wrong. It’s about who really wants power who who’s being greedy and what is actually for the betterment of the world for Olympus etcetera etc. And it’s a really cool set up that that we think actually is maybe just a tad better than the first game. It’s certainly certainly up there and it’s a great tale so the combat system in God of War 2 is identical to the two. The first game and for good reason is that was basically perfect kratos is a few new moves here and there and basically sort of replacing last ones or tweaking them a bit but in large part.

It’s exactly the same so if you you’re used to the controls in the first game you can jump, right in right from the start and start killing everybody. There are some pretty cool new grab kills where like you can rip guys in half or they grab some guys weapon and chopping the bits with it or spin him around and stab with his own sword. Which is pretty sweet but in large part the combat is exactly the same as before and that’s really a great thing. Because I don’t I can’t see how he could got anything better anyway. So yeah yeah there’s nothing new here but again it was already perfect. While the game’s combat is largely the same as the last time around there are a couple new things. You have new magic attacks you have new weapons and you now have the ability to grapple onto things and swing across caverns. Which is pretty cool.

Game File

God of War 2 Game File Size around 250 MB. Because this is the very liter version. This game file contains only gaming parts not gaming cut scences. So you can also play with this game on your android mobile using Ather SX2 emulator. If you want to know more about Ather Sx2 Read our articles. This Game file Download Link below.

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