Development of Gaming Industry in 2021

Hello Guys in this blog post we are going to talk about the developing of the Gaming industry 2021.

Raise of Gaming Industry

Let’s talk about the gaming industry. Hundreds of millions of people around the world will be unboxing video games and downloading new updates this week adding billions of dollars to an industry. So what’s happening to the workers behind the screen? It’s really a very incredible, this gaming field has involved and attracted many generation around the years.  This was Nimatron, the very first game machine that debuted in New York in 1940. Fast forward to the archade games of the 70s home gaming consoles, computer games in the 80s and 90s online gaming at the turn of the century and now mobile video gaming where became a full-time job and there were almost a many professional gamers, who were really earning millions. Yes, millions of dollars.

Video Games

In 2016, a third of the world’s population were video gaming that’s two and a half billion people. 2017, more than 660 million people watched other people play video games on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. In 2018, the gaming industry made at least 130 billion dollars. And this is a business that’s still growing by about 10 percent a year. That’s a pretty exciting industry for aspiring animators, developers and coders to want to be part of. And staff salaries for developers are a lot higher than your average job. In the US, a developer can earn around $100,000 a year.

In India it’s about 500,000 rupees or $6.000 a year a lot higher than the average person’s $2.000 yearly salary. You know I am so glad I got into game design it’s cool to be able to create the kind of games that we play. And 2019 was the year we found out just how big a price people pay to be part of the world’s biggest entertainment industry.

Crunch Time

Crunch culture is still a huge issue in the industry. It’s when workers are put under enormous pressure to work overtime in order to meet game launch deadlines. Before the studio Treyarch released “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” last year some testers said that “crunch time” involved working 70-hours a week for weeks on end.

Multiplayer Games

This multiplayer mode is super fun, dude. Some testers working on Fortnite, another massive and free online game. Also reported 70-hour working weeks. And what happens a lot is that after a launch many workers are laid off. Kevin just mentioned women and they have major concerns about the gaming work culture. As many as a billion gamers are thought to be women. Only 19% of the industry’s staff are female.

So is the industry doing anything right? Gaming studios, including Treyarch, which we spoke about earlier say they are trying to reduce the crunch culture. The Game Workers Unite movement has formally been accepted into the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain. And some companies like Blizzard Entertainment and EA also made Glassdoor’s 100 best US companies to work for in 2018 although EA fell off that list in 2019.

Gaming Industry Rapid Growth

For consumers and developers, there’s a lot to look forward to and the hope is that as this industry grows and rakes in billions more gaming workers will reap the benefits of a business that at the heart of it, is meant to be about fun.

Before conclude this topic gaming industry has a rapid growth since it is developed. Future generations were being attracted more and more to gaming. So there is no end for gaming as technology increases day by day. If you like this content make sure to follow up our websites for a more useful contents in future.

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