Best Useful Android Apps of 2021

Walls by JFL

It’s not an app but a website filled with beautiful vector walls. That you can download for free. All them are abstract with unique colors patterns and designs. So often the owner of this page updates it with newer walls. If you prefer photography backgrounds, there’s also a huge collection of those on the same site. And he also uploads some other spectacular walls for your laptop or desktop give it a look. I’m sure you’ll find something nice to use if you prefer using live wallpapers diffuse is a great download. It blurs the background and has a liquid effect that matches the album cover of any song. You play in the background the fluid like patterns also move to the music. It’s basically a replication of Apple musics, live lyrics and within the app settings. So you can configure the speed fluid scale and select the default color pattern. When you’re not playing music you can download the app for free but the background colors will only color match the album.

Quick Cursor

Now every year smartphone displays get larger. Especially if you get an Excel model, it’s great for watching movies or YouTube. But it gets pretty tricky, when you try to use the phone with just one hand. Especially when you try to reach those top place objects like the status bar are those Instagram stories. That’s why I decided to use quick cursor to help me reach those top areas. Whenever I swipe from the bottom sides of the screen, a cursor pops up and lets me interact with the top half of the phone. I can drag it around to move the cursor and tap on it to click the d-pad. Then disappears when you tap away from it or after a few seconds of inactivity of course. It can’t be annoying to use, if you had the new gesture from Android 10 but what I ended up doing was increasing the trigger size. So that I could bring it up easier.

Ultra Volume

Next I have Ultra volume, a great app to replace the volume slider with a unique and more modern-looking design. It gives you a variety of skin to choose from including Android 10 and mi UI 11 and iOS. Which is my favorite out of the bunch paranoid android and a lot more. And you can customize a ton more options including the position high colors and a lot more. Each falling panel is expandable with options to control. Even more volume profiles toggle live caption or jump straight into the sounds and vibrations menu within the system settings. The best part is that, it doesn’t even require root. Just give it accessibility access and you’re good to go. It is free to download but there is a pro version that unlocks all the features within this app.


We have jukebox more jqbx. I’m not sure which is the anyways it’s the perfect music app for those of us who are still in quarantine and want to listen to music with your friends. Basically within the app you log in with your Spotify account and it must be a premium one. Otherwise jukebox isn’t going to work from there you can create a private or public room. Your friends can find it by either searching for it. Within the app or you can provide them with the invite link. Every DJ gets a turn out playing a song and everyone can rate each track with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Plus while the songs are playing everyone can chat with each other. I’m not gonna lie there are a few bugs within the Android version but it’s also in the iOS App Store.

Energy Ring

You can also use the online web app for those who have a front camera cut out. You can download energy ring to include a battery level indicator around it. Whenever the ring is bold that means you’re at a hundred percent power then as your battery decreases. So will the circle until it’s empty meaning that your battery is dead. Simple as that plus one you need to charge your phone the ring animates. Which I felt was a nice touch. I personally love this because you can now get rid of the battery icon within your status bar providing less clutter. You can also customize the ring such as the origin of it the thickness, change the charging animation bigger, the color segments. According to the developer it barely uses the CPU. So it doesn’t even affect the battery life that much. They support a variety of different devices including the oneplus 8, 8 Pro, Motorola edge. Practically every Samsung device out there and a lot more.

Big File Cleaner

If you’re running out of space on your phone but you don’t want to uninstall some of your favorite apps and you may want to delete unnecessary big size files instead. Which are found within your internal storage big file. Cleaner is the most straightforward tool on the Play Store. Its main purpose is to clearly show you the biggest files on your phone. No matter if they are videos, photos, audio, files, apks, archives or any other file extensions from there. You can delete multiple files at a time and I know you can do this with any file manager out there. But this is much more time efficient.

Open Roaming

If you were ever scared of joining a public Wi-Fi network because asked for your credentials before accessing. Their quote-unquote free internet download open roaming immediately within the app. You can sign in with your Google account or Apple ID and then can use public Wi-Fi without having to worry about sharing any of your credentials. It allows for automatic and seamless roaming across Wi-Fi 6 and 5 G.

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