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www.modapkgaming.com is a blog that help you to find out top best android games like open world games, action games, adventure games, puzzle games and games like gta 5 and etc. All post uploading this website is on improve gaming community. My motive behind creating is website was to make easy to understand, everyone know the games which released on latest.


My name is J.Ragavendran. I’m from Chennai Tamil Nadu, India and am the founder of this blog. I am completed in diploma in electrical and electronic engineering, am 5 years experience in electrical maintenance field. I am also maintaining gaming YouTube channel and uploading gaming videos in regularly. My YouTube channel name is RagavGamingYT subscribe my channel and watching my all videos keep supporting. I believe you can achieve this with my blog and I wish you grandeur success.

My College Project Overview :

Electricity is distributed to people by distribution of wiring and transformers. Often there are batteries in India. This is the power supply for all the areas through the wires. Storms, rains, and some of the cranes lean. In many cases the wires are cut off. In the rainy season, such causes result in severe deaths. Many of the precautions have been taken, but these accidents happen. We plan this new process to control this and protect lives. Implementing this can be useful for people and can save many human lives. The project details given below