Top New Best PC Games of 2021

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

Starting out with number eight it’s sniper ghost warrior contracts 2. Now if you can think back to 2019, sniper ghost warrior contracts this was a game that was a pretty big departure from sniper ghost warrior 3. Three was a big open world game had all the trappings of an open world game. Positive and negative while contracts simplified the formula gave you three miniature open world maps but instead of just plopping you on to them. Letting you do what you do the game was entirely mission based a lot more structured and that’s what we’re seeing here with sniper ghost warrior 2.

Now I kind of prefer this structure to the open world structure. I think that it was a positive development for the series. however there were a few flaws in the first one, like for instance. The story was kind of men and they were like really light on gadgets for whatever reason like they had them. But there wasn’t enough. I’m hoping they remedy that stuff with sniper ghost warrior contracts two. Because the original is really a solid game and I think a good development for the genre. Sniper ghost warrior contracts 2 comes to windows play station 4, xbox one and xbox series.

Ninja gaiden master collection

At number seven is the ninja gaiden master collection. Ninja gaiden is a fantastic third person pack and slash ninja game. That is hard as hell and were getting ports of the best versions of the first two as well as the third game. Which was a more recent game frankly the first two were early 2000s games. And had gotten ported to the play station 3. I’m concerned having a look at, how they have it looking now it looks great. I would not say it looks like a game from the early 2000s. I would not say that it looks completely modern or completely brand new or anything but it looks really good.

It’s a big improvement graphically and from the looks everything is intact. Gameplay wise these are very fast paced games very oriented towards combos at time. Even kind of feel like a fighting game in 3d but it can also be a punishing action game like. I said it predates the dark souls series by quite a bit. But I think players sometimes may feel that same kind of frustration albeit with a pretty different gameplay style. Not only is it a great fast-paced arcade hack and slash action game. It’s also in a lot of ways a precursor to neo it’s the same development team. I’m quite excited to play the games again it’s landing on play station 4, xbox one, Nintendo switch and Microsoft windows.

Scarlet nexus

Number six is scarlet nexus, an action rpg from bondi namco. This is an action rpg, where you get to choose between two characters that both have various psychokinesis powers as well as different stories. It take the anime aesthetic and really ups the ante as far as. I’m concerned it is a very different looking game despite you know looking like an anime movie slash game like. It obviously uses that aesthetic but in a way that I haven’t really seen. It’s very color themed kind of dark but also very colorful in a different way.

Very red, very warm but also the combat looks to blend some psychokinetic powers with various technology. And weapons in a way that looks fun. now this game comes to us from the same folks that gave us code vane. However they’ve explained it’s a little more near automata than dark souls and frankly. I’m here for that near automata is fantastic and the aesthetic of this game. Also looks fantastic. I think it could be very good scarlet nexus is landing on play station 4 and 5 xbox one and series x as well as Microsoft windows.

Solar ash

At number five is solar ash the second game from heart machine. The developers of the absolutely phenomenal game hyper light drifter. Now where hyper drifter is a kind of legend of Zelda diablo type game. Solar ash is kind of a different thing, it is open world like a more recent Zelda game but traversal is anything. Normal it is very fast-paced. It takes place inside a black hole. And it’s all about stopping your home planet from being sucked in and destroyed by the black hole. Your character skates around this world very fast. Does a lot of jumping has a grappling hook and has some pretty slick combat moves in terms of various enemies. which then scale to become larger and larger. As you continue honestly the style is beautiful has kind of a journey meets neon sunset vibe to it. it’s a game I really want to play to be frank. this game now available on play station 4, play station 5 and Microsoft windows.

Chivalry 2

Now this is a big title chivalry came out a long time ago originally for windows. Way back in 2012 itself was a update of a mod that came out for half-life 2 called age of chivalry. Basically it was a hack and slash multiplayer thing that just killed. It’s such a good like fun multiplayer experience. It’s just different from anything else. I mean you’ve seen stuff, since that has definitely taken some degree of influence from chivalry but this is the original. I’m just really excited to see chivalry 2 come in and kind of show us the biggest grandest possible version of the original game. I’m particularly interested to see how chivalry 2 stands up next to mode. I think owes a very large amount to the original game for all intents and purpose chivalry 2 should be really good.

Legend of Mana

At number three legend of mana an interesting kind of acknowledgement that the 2d versions of some of the other mana games. Maybe were more well revered the 3d ones certainly weren’t bad but there is something about the original games. That is really hard to replicate without actually, just replicating it legend of mana does an absolutely gorgeous job upscaling all the graphics. I don’t know, if they started upscaling and then had artists just touch it up make it look nicer but it looks phenomenal. So excited to play this game on these absolutely beautiful remastered versions of these backgrounds. Square has really outdone themselves here. I really hope this is kind of the standard in terms of remix going forward from square of older two-dimensional games in any case.

Mario golf super rush

Number two Mario golf super rush. which brings us a similar experience to previous Mario golf games. Some new modes like speed golf. Which actually has players racing to the whole against other people on the whole itself. It’s honestly a really interesting variation on golf. And it should be fun for different players to have to take turns taking different shots and dealing with different obstacles. Everyone will have different special moves and abilities that can actually change the environment to be a hazard to other players etc. It looks like it’s actually a pretty fun idea. Then of course Mario golf is also a really fun. It’s a bunch of Mario players playing golf but it’s also a really fun good golf game.

Final fantasy VII

Final fantasy VII remake integrate which gives us an upgraded version of the original remake. Which is funny to say but basically there’s a couple of different things that are going on here. If you have the original final fantasy 7 remake, you can get the graphical upgrades as an upgrade to play station 5. However there is also another episode of story that actually goes on in the intergrade version. I will absolutely say I’m very much ready to move on in the final fantasy vii story. He’s a fun character and I also just thoroughly enjoy, how they set up the remakes gameplay.

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